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      Bringing Color & Innocation to the Surface

      residential painting

      Residential Painting Kitchener

      With high-quality craftmanship at affordable prices, you can be sure that our residential painting services will make your home look fresh and new, increase its curb appeal for future sale. Learn more...

      commercial painting

      Commercial Painting Kichener

      Our commercial painting crew delivers commercial painting services that Southern Ontario competitors simply cannot surpass in terms of quality and affordability. Learn more...

      industrial painting

      Industrial Painting Kitchener

      Our company has improved industrial businesses throughout Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Brantford, Guelph, Hamilton, Burlington, Woodstock, Milton, and surrounding regions. Learn more...

      Welcome to K W Regional Painting

      Do you own a home or commercial / industrial business, and would you like to improve its quality, value, and curb appeal? With many years of residential painting, commercial painting, and industrial painting experience, KW Regional Painting is the company to turn to for quality painting workmanship at affordable prices. Located in the heart of Kitchener, Ontario, our company is a one-stop source for all industrial, residential, and commercial painting needs. Our painting Kitchener team of specialists helps home owners and business owners throughout Southern Ontario by offering them their exceptional painting expertise to beautify, protect, and extend the life of their valuable investments. KW Regional Painting’s full suite of painting services includes:

      Our painting Kitchener professionals offer such residential painting services as interior home painting and exterior home painting to enhance your living space and make its exterior the envy of your neighbourhood! To improve the efficiency of your commercial business, and make it look like new, our painting Kitchener experts deliver outstanding commercial painting services. Our office painting, warehouse painting, building painting, epoxy floor coatings, and school and church painting services also offer protection against harsh outside elements and everyday inside wear and tear. For industrial facilities in and around Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Brantford, Guelph, Hamilton, Burlington, Woodstock, and Milton, KW Regional Painting provides industrial painting services. For machinery and equipment, warehouses, metal decks, silo and storage tanks, and flooring, our industrial painting services offer long-lasting durability and help to improve industrial processes of all types.

      When you choose KW Regional Painting for all your industrial, commercial, or residential painting requirements, you can be certain that only the highest quality paints and most current and effective painting materials and techniques will be used. Our painting Kitchener group works closely with each home owner and business owner to ensure that their painting project, no matter its size or scope, is completed to their satisfaction within time, and on budget. KW Regional Painting’s painting Kitchener crew is here to deliver you all the residential, commercial, and industrial painting services and support you need! With our guaranteed painting services, you can rest assured that your house, or industrial or commercial property, will be painted exactly as you would like! Should you like to learn more about our painters, or to view our gallery of recent industrial painting, commercial painting, and residential painting projects for inspiration, please browse our website. Contact our painting Kitchener specialists today with any questions you may have, or for a free, no obligation, in-home or on-site quote!

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